Silly Boss, Silly Job


I have a silly job. My job is to fabricate props and equipment for the long running basic cable info-tainment show Mythbusters. Part of what makes my job so silly (not silly-trivial, but just plain giggle-making) is one of the hosts of the show, Adam Savage, is an irrepressible clown. The other day he came in wearing a T-shirt with an image of himself wearing the same T-shirt, etc., etc. It might have been seen as egocentric, but we happened to be working with mirrors that day, and I asked him to snap a pic of himself reflected in the mirror, wearing that shirt. This pushed it over the absurd edge. (I have no explanation for the Smoky Bear hat and riding boots. It’s stuff like that that keeps nerds generating obscene fan fiction.) Then I realized there were more than a few silly things around the shop to take pictures of.Mugwump

The show’s other host, Jamie Hyneman, owns the shop where the show is filmed, and it’s full of souvenirs from a career in model making and special effects. Above (and above my head every day) is one of two “Mugwumps” from the film adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ The Naked Lunch.


Two model jet fighters from Top Gun occupy a corner, the Russian MIG hidden by a heat treating oven (note the Mythbusters’ Robo-Shark on the left) and the American F-16 “blowup model” used for pyrotechnic scenes above it.


The waiting area is full of models used in various commercials, numerous educational toys, disturbingly realistic fake food and robots.

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